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If you want to save time by not having to read all the tedious fine print and instructions that seem to accompany virtually all the freebies and giveaways available on the net, join The Freebie Reviews Newsletter and leave the tedium to us. Are you sick of finding a freebie but then not knowing what the catch is until page five of the instructions? Or finding out that the free sample or service is unavailable in your area? Or do you simply want an objective third party analysis of which competitive free service/product/sample is really the best? We research areas such as free ISP's, free web space providers, free contests and promotions, free font and image providers, free game and software providers and rate them on their merits. We do the homework so you don't have to. As you know, Many of these areas on the web can get pretty convoluted and saturated with so many competitive offers to choose from. Who wants to spend all day sifting thru all the details? All of us need fewer ads and more hard information.The internet is a great resource, full of free products, services and useful information. But, frankly, it can be difficult to navigate since it is awash with a staggering amount of "noise" which distracts from the real content. This harms the consumer because many free services that might have succeeded in the past and remained free, were unable to due to similiar promotions that were either overblown or scams altogether. It is imperative to be able to weed such distractons out. If you were to search for free Hosting, for example, at first glance there would appear to be many. But if you read all the FAQ'a and terms of use of each of them, you would find only a handful that genuinely contained no hidden charges and reasonably good service. But this weeding-out process could take many hours. Which is why our newsletter, which we strive to maintain as an objective research-oriented resource, is so important. Each monthly edition is edited by experts in each field, and we focus on a new freebie subject each month. All the while we update subjects that were covered extensively in previous editions.

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